[EU] Color Wars

Today, the Crimson Guardians went against the Moscow Federation in the Color Wars tournament round one! We maxed a total of five and won the battle!! Let’s hope we can win the next one, too.



[EU] Tsanami’s Retirement

Today we had an EU timed event on CPA lead by both Tsanami and Beni for Tsanami’s retirement. We maxed 20 penguins and went to rooms such as Stadium, Forest, and Docks.

I’ll be posting a proper retirement post soon, but thank you to everyone who attended this event, regardless of army affiliation.


[EU] Christmas Tactics

On the 22nd of December, Crimson Guardians had a Tactics practice on CPA. The tactics were somewhat fast but they were lacking in emotes and not enough movement from one formation to the other. We were only able to max four which was a little disappointing but we can always do better the next time around. All in all it was an all right practice with a low max. For future reference all aspects could be improved on.