The Emergence of the Crimson Guardians

This is the first post on our official Crimson Guardians website. Soon we will post a full history on our fiery army so stay tuned and become one of our Guardians if you haven’t already. Join our discord server through this link:


The Crimson Guardians are an army originating on CPO that have been through a handful of different images, some of which are known as the Angels or Cloud Kingdom. Much of the history was not officially recorded but previous leaders included Sophie and Y e e t, also known as Sophie Snow3 and Boiio. The two ran the army and server before both stepped down from leadership at different times for their own reasons. When Y e e t stepped down due to being about to go into an extended period of inactivity, leadership and general ownership of the army was given to Sophie who then decided to give it to Tsanami who was one of the few staff members at the time. Tsanami took the responsibility and worked with various other army leaders and members to construct a new image for the army and, Cloud Kingdom became what is known today as the Crimson Guardians. Under the new image, the Crimson Guardians managed to grow larger and surpass the low maxes and small number of staff it originally had.

For some time, the army was a colony of what was known as the National Armies Alliance, which included Help Force, Aliens, and Royal Family of CP as the main alliance armies. Colonies came and went but the Crimson Guardians were the only army left of the first colonies added under their original image by the time NAA disbanded. At this time the army is focusing more on testing maxes and growing rather than joining new alliances or gaining enemies.



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