Points System

Points are a lovely way to get active in Crimson Guardians, so here is a few things you need to know about them!

Points are easily achieved by attending recruitment segments and certain events. If you attend a recruitment, you will receive 100 points and an additional 50 points for reaching a number of recruits. You can also get points for individual recruiting, a base of 30 points for recruiting and an extra 50 points for every recruit you get. Attending fun events also rewards you with points and if there’s a certain winner (for tournaments, fashion shows, etc.), they will get extra points!


Points are basically like currency. You can buy points roles from the points shop by doing p!shop in the #commands channel! Each role has a special characteristic compared to regular promotion roles. They come with certain benefits too!

There are 7 points roles in total in the Points shop. The special part about points roles is that they are temporary! Points reset in the beginning of each month, as well as the roles you’ve bought! This motivates you to attend more recruitment segments and events, along with recruiting outside of segments to earn different roles each month!


This role costs 500 points! This role’s color is unique and stands out compared to regular promotion roles. The name “Volcanologist” is a rarity, and the only perk for this role.

Fire Fighter

This role also costs 500 points! Its bright color shines through Discord’s dark mode! Its bold name will attract attention in no time! No other specific perks come with this role.

Fire Salamander

This role costs 700 points! Not only does it come with a cool color and name, but it comes with an extra 3000 Unbelievaboat bot money in the Crimson Guardians Discord server once per week!


This role costs 900 points! This pink beauty rises from the ashes with its DJ permissions! Due to the fact that some Discord bots like Fredboat and Groovy have restrictions for different user permissions, those restrictions don’t apply to the Phoenix role!

Dragon Tamer

This role costs 1100 points! This role allows you to challenge any Crimson Guardians staff member once a week to a Club Penguin mini-game of your choice for a bet of 50 points! Are you up for the challenge?


This role costs 1300 points! With this role, you receive an extra 50 points for every recruitment you attend! The more points the merrier!

Custom Role

This role costs 1500 points! With the most expensive role in the points shop you can reward yourself with a custom role with any name and color of your choice!


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to DM any Crimson Guardians staff member. Let us know in the comments what your favorite points role is!

Bean Pea

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