Crimson Guardians Prom

The EU Crimson Guardians Prom was a spectacular event where we maxed 14 and tactics were hosted by our recently promoted to Burnt Colonel, Landless, and the amazing igloo it was hosted in our recently promoted to Blaze Major, Stink. The awards part of the event was hosted by a leader at the time who was recently promoted to Legend, Beni!

We started with some beautiful tactics on the iceberg as shown below:

We then proceeded to go to Stink’s igloo where the prom was hosted! Many awards were held such as best dressed, best couples, best singles and many more. It was an unforgettable experience! Here’s a picture from the event:


Best Dressed – Stink

Best Loner – Beni

Best Gay Couple – Stink and Sloppy

Best Heterosexual Couple – Landless and Bassboy

Prom Queen👑 – Sloppy

Prom King 👑 – Mark/Neko Mistress

Best Overall Couple – Landless and Bassboy

Chaotic Individual – Elpiojo

Biggest Simp – Diogo

That concludes the Crimson Guardians Prom! Let’s see what the next event has in store for us! What did you think about the prom? Let us know in the comments!

Bean Pea

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