UK Tactics Practice

After our successful invasion of Frosty, Crimson Guardians hosted a tactics event on Thermal. Hosted by Sloppy, and with a max of 9, it was another successful event.

Guardians began tactics on the Iceberg in a horizontal formation, then bombed EC and continued tactics in a scattered formation.

They then took the Beach by storm, bombing E9 and surrounding the waterline to continue tactics. An additional Guardian appeared to make the max 9 penguins, and the tactics were stronger than ever.

Guardians finished the event by water-falling EF and EL in the Cove, then settling into an upside down T formation to continue tactics. After an ED bomb, we finished tactics in a plus formation.

In comparison to our first CPR events, this is an amazing step forward for Crimson Guardians. We hope to continue having successful events and growing as an army.

Stink :^)

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