Bass Boy Hide and Seek

One of our recently promoted moderators, Bass Boy, hosted a hide and seek as his final trial event! With a max of 10, the Crimson Guardians met at the iceberg on Club Penguin Rewritten with with a few tactics.

The two tactics were clean and a great start to the event. The first round began with Sloppy as seeker. They did a great job, and 60% of those hidden were found! Following Sloppy, Bean was the next seeker. Tying with Sloppy, Bean found six out of the ten penguins that were hidden. The final seeker was Janisgreat. With a slightly lower score of three out of ten, Jan still did a wonderful job seeking. Overall, Bass Boy did a wonderful job and the penguins became more clever with their hiding spots as the game went on. Congrats to all who were not found in any of the rounds.


Burnt Colonel

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