Crimson vs. Clovers Triathlon

Today the Crimson Guardians held a triathlon with our allies, the Army of Club Penguin! It consisted of a short 10 minute battle practice at the beach, a find the penguin event and a sled race tournament at the end! The mini battle practice was hosted by our Flame Commander, Tsanami! We maxed 7 guardians.

The battle practice held at the beach was a gruesome one. We realized how Crimson Guardians still has a long way to go in growing as an army. Most troops lagged during rooms, but we did our very best!

For the “Find the Penguin” event, troops were given clues on what rooms the penguin was hiding in, here were the rooms and clues for this event:

Beacon – A place with a strong smell of petrol/gas
Hidden Lake – Treasure awaits…
Recycling Plant -You’re rubbish at throwing snowballs…
Underground Pool – Just keep ?, just keep ?
Ski Lodge Attic – This is no trick, just head to the ?

For the last event, a sled race tournament was held! Our recently promoted Fire Officer, Renmei and Mohamed made it to the semi finals. Mohamed made it to the finals but unfortunately didn’t win, but was a great experience as a whole! It was fun hosting an event with our allies and we look forward to more events, hopefully stronger!

That concludes the Triathlon for today! What did you think the event with ACP? Do you want more events with more allies? Please let us know in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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