Find Four Tournament

Today’s Find Four Tournament was hosted by our Blaze Captain, Sloppy Noodles! A few tactics were hosted and then we made our way to the ski lodge.

We maxed 11 guardians while finding four! After many rounds of Find Four, the semi-finalists were as follows:
Renmei vs. Krebi
Mohamed vs. Tymatt

Everyone tried their best with versing each other but there had to be only one winner! The finalists for the last round were:
Krebi vs. Tymatt
After a long period of concentration, the final winner was Tymatt. His claims to be a Find Four Champion were true!

That concludes the find tour tournament for today? What did you think of the tournament? Do you want more tournaments in Crimson Guardians? Please let us know in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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