[EU] Positive Practice Tactics

Today’s EU event was inspired to spread positive messages especially in times like these. It was hosted by me, Flame General Bean and maxed 10 guardians for this event! We’re slowly but surely growing our EU division further!

The beach was bombed with “Hello”s by the Crimson Guardians. We then formed a V while spreading positivity in our tactics. We raked heart emotes and formed a plus. We presented our tactics with pride and moved onto the next room.

We bombed the stadium with wink emotes and then sat on the two lines in the middle of the stadium. We used a classic lyric from one of Bob Marley’s songs, “Don’t worry be happy” and included more tactics and emotes. We then raked sun emotes and formed a diagonal line and finished up the room.

We bombed the third room, inside pool with flower emotes and formed a X. We used tactics such as “No bad vibes” and various emotes. We then formed an upside down V with positive tactics. We ended off the room by bunching at the bottom and running to the top with “Crimson Guardians” and ran to the bottom with “Always and forever”.

The event’s intention was to remind people to stay positive and hopefully those messages resonated! Let’s try our best to strengthen the EU division and keep the Crimson Guardians flame going! Do YOU have any positive messages to share? Put them in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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