[US] Chaotic Practice Battle

On Monday, the Crimson Guardians went against the Chaos army for what turned out to be an interesting practice battle led by our Blaze Major, Stinklord. We maxed 4 guardians and were lacking in size, but made up for it in creativity. The guardians started off strong with tactics like “WE’LL TURN CHAOS INTO ASHES!” and did a medley of other creative phrases and emotes to show our strength in spite of size.

The next room was the inside of the Mine, and the Guardians entered it with a “CG CG CG” bomb before settling into a diagonal line formation. In spite of the fact that we were still lacking in size, we used our humor to come up with witty tactics like “THE FEW THE PROUD CRIMSON GUARDIANS”, and an “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY” bomb.

We ended it all by doing “CRIMSON FLAME FOREVER, clover emotes, and a “YOU’RE NOT CHAOTIC, YOU’RE CLUELESS!” word tactic along with a heart emote to finish off the practice battle.


While our US sizes were lacking in this event, we powered through it through the help of fellow guardians and friends, and hope to see higher US event maxes soon! What did you think of this practice battle? Let us know in the comments!


Flame Commander

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