[EU] Practice Battle with SE

Yesterday the Crimson Guardians logged onto CPATG to have a practice battle against Silver Empire. For those who don’t remember, Crimson Guardians has gone up against Silver Empire once before! We won that battle, but the tables turned for this practice battle when we only maxed 6 guardians, and ended the battle with Silver Empire winning in 2/3 of the battle rooms.

We began in the Stadium, making an X formation and starting with “BACK FOR MORE?” for the first tactic of the room. We then did “THIS BATTLE IS GETTING HEATED UP” followed by doing E6 (tongue sticking out emote) then other such tactics to show our strength in spite of our numbers.

The second room was the Migrator’s Deck, which we entered with a joke bomb before settling into a plus formation and doing messages such as “WHERE WERE YOUR TROOPS LAST BATTLE?” and “BETTER FIRE THAN METAL” along with a medley of other emotes and phrases to keep going strong.

The third and final room was the Iceberg, where we sat on our opponents’ penguins and alternated sun (ED) and moon (EN) emotes quickly. We also made a bold statement by saying “WE’LL MAKE YOUR EMPIRE OUR PYRE” and finishing up the battle the best we could.

The purpose of the event was to test our maxes at a different time from our usual one, and while we did not max as high we we hoped, it was certainly an interesting battle in the end.


Flame Commander

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