[EU] Legends Cup: Round 1 Victory!

On the 4th of June the Crimson Guardians participated in a battle against Os Mascarados for the Legends Cup X. We are also proud to say we conquered each room with the score of 3 – 0! The battle was hosted by me, Flame General Bean Pea with a max of 12 guardians! Although our maxes have been dropping, this victory proved how much we can accomplish.

We shook the first room, the inside mine with our “Hello” bomb. We quickly formed a plus (+) and went straight ahead to the tactics. We used tactics such as “CG STANDING STRONG” and “WE’RE FLAMING HOT”. We used smiley face emotes and waterfalled angry face emotes. We took a strike back at their “fear the mask” with our “FEAR THE FLAME”. We owned this room.

We bombed the second room, the town, with popcorn emotes. We used witty tactics that countered theirs. We formed a diagonal line presented our tactics on time. We used tactics such as “CG FOREVER, OMA NEVER” and then proceeded to bomb “MULTILOGGERS”. Quickly after that we formed a V and used tactics such as “TWO FACED TWO FACED” and ice cream emotes.

We “CG CG CG” bombed the third room, iceberg and surrounded the room. Although this room was not pictured, dominated it with our “BURN OMA, BURN” and our counter to their “glory to the mask” with our “GLORY TO THE GUARDIANS” tactics. We bombed neutral faced emotes 😐 and formed an upside down V. With the battle almost at an end, we used a few more tactics like “TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS, PHONIES!” and ended off the room with “CIAO MASCARADOS” and “Goodbye” speech bubbles.

This Crimson Guardians’ victory will be remembered, especially with a win of all rooms! Hopefully this will inspire us to lift our maxes and be ready for the next battle against Pirates. What did YOU think of this battle? Do YOU have any tactic ideas for the battle against Pirates? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Bean Pea

Flame General

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