[EU] Legends Cup VICTORY Round 2

Crimson Guardians logged onto Slushy on Sunday to meet the Pirates for Round 2 of the Legends Cup tournament. We maxed 11 Guardians against the larger Pirates.

We started off the battle with a “CG CG CG” bomb in the Stadium while our opponents fought back with large bubbles of text, quite literally. We held our ground and even called our opponents ‘Boomers’.

The second room was the inside of the Dojo, where we continued to stay strong with tactics like “TIME TO ABANDON SHIP” and “EVEN ROCKHOPPER HATES Y’ALL”.

The final room was the Iceberg, where we reminded the Pirates that we stand our ground in spite of the odds and called them “CAPTAINS OF STUPIDITY”.

Despite the size differences during the battle, the Crimson Guardians won against the Pirates in this round of the Legends Cup (due to the Pirates multi-logging). However, we chose to let the Water Vikings move up in the brackets in our place for us to take the time to better focus on our maxes and community.

Everyone’s talking about how 2020 was a terrible year but can we all take moment to appreciate 2020 for being the year Crimson Guardians beat the Pirates

Lucifer Star


Flame Commander

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