[EU] PB with Water Vikings

Earlier today the Guardians logged on for a practice battle against Water Vikings. We maxed 8 guardians, but the Water Vikings won every room of the practice battle partially due to their higher max of 22.
For the 1st room we went to the Iceberg and started with a Hello bomb then worked to prove our strength with word tactics like “WE ARE MELTING THE BERG” AND “WE HAVE THE BIGGER TSANAMI”.

We entered the 2nd room, Dojo, with a j bomb against our opponents’ ET bomb and later chose to rake with “HOSE MAD”. Throughout the entirety of this 2nd room we got into an array of formations including horizontal lines, simply surrounding the room, etc.

The final room was the Snow Forts which we bombed with “HOT HOT HOT” before settling into a horizontal line formation. We used creative tactics like “FUNKS SMELLS LIKE BENGAY” and various emotes to finish off this battle.

In spite of the size difference between Crimson Guardians and Water Vikings, the battle turned out to be good practice for both armies and we wish the Water Vikings luck as they proceed in the Legends Cup tournament brackets in our place.

Flame Commander

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