(6/15) Start of Week Updates

Hey Guardians, we’ve had a busy week and starting today we will likely be incorporating all our end of week or start of week updates in the form of WordPress articles from here on out!

  1. New Promotion System + Ranks:
    1. We changed our PROMOTION SYSTEM at the start of the previous week
      1. 20 credits = Member Promotion
      2. 35 credits = Custom Role (1 month max, 2 roles at a time)
      3. 45 credits = Moderator Promotion
  2. We also added NEW MEMBER AND STAFF RANKS at that time
  3. You can rank up to Moderator through recruiting hard and attending events!

  1. Pride Art Contest
    1. We are having a Pride art contest for the next 2 weeks of June!
      1. Contest submissions will be closed by 12pm PDT | 3pm EDT | 8pm UK | 12:30am IST on Sunday, June 28
      2. Read this for more details: https://crimsonguardianscps.com/2020/06/15/pride-art-contest/

  1. Website Writers Needed
    1. Website writer applications are open!
      1. Read this post for details: https://crimsonguardianscps.com/2020/06/15/writer-applications/
      2. Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1eFKKoYat6Y9OoLn6r0WdNZIG5N3cyFrZyes93o-jREU/edit?usp=sharing
    2. Article ideas:
      1. Interviews with CG Staff
      2. Guides to CPR Events
      3. Stamp Guides
      4. Interview fellow Crimson Guardians members
      5. Finding hidden items in CPR Furniture and Clothing catalogs

  1. Recruiter of The Week
    1. Whoever has the most recruits at the end of every week will be Recruiter of The Week.
      1. The member who gets the most recruits during 1 week gets “Recruiter of The Week”
        1. Perks (For 1 week):
          1. 2 bonus credits per recruit they get
          2. “Recruiter of The Week” role in their choice of color

  1. Guardian of The Month
    1. Guardian of The Month (GoTM) is Crimson Guardians’ troop of the month role
      1. Perks of GoTM:
        1. “Guardian of The Month” role in their choice of color (1 month)
        2. Custom Mee6 command (1 month)
        3. Exclusive Interview on the CG website

  1. MEMORIES Page
    1. We’re going to work on creating a memories page for the Crimson Guardians website!
      1. How to submit things:
        1. Submissions are due June 22nd at 12pm PDT | 3pm EDT | 8pm UK | 12:30am IST
        2. Send submissions to the #memories channel in the Crimson Guardians discord! (They can be any sort of memory as long as you keep them SFW and as long as they follow the CG rules)

The server invite – http://discord.gg/MTcpYwH

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