Pride Art Contest

Happy Pride to all of our Guardians! We’re glad to have such a wonderful and accepting community in Crimson Guardians. To celebrate pride month, we’ll be having a Pride Art Contest.

To participate in the contest, simply submit your pride themed art into the #art-gfx channel on our discord! Art can be traditional, digital, poems, music, collage, etc. The only requirements are that they’re pride themed and made by the person submitting it!

Feel free to get as creative as you’d like! We’re excited to see what you submit.

1st Place: 5 credits + Custom Role for 2 weeks
2nd Place: Custom role for 1 week
3rd Place: Custom emote uploaded

Submissions to the contest will be closed by 12pm PDT | 3pm EDT | 8pm UK | 12:30am IST on Sunday, June 28. Make sure you submit on time for a chance at the prizes!

Good luck Guardians! Show your pride!

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