Writer Applications

If you have a creative side and passionate about writing, this application is for you! Writer applications will remain open until further notice.

What are some example writer topics?

  • Interviews with Crimson Guardian Staff – If you would like to get a better feel of the community why not start by interviewing the people who run it? Interview questions could include when they became staff, their favorite part about the army, etc!
  • CPR Party Guides – There are exciting events on CPR during parties, but some people would like the quickest way to complete games or get items. You could be the answer to their troubles by creating an efficient guide to complete these events!
  • Stamp Guides – If you’re a pro at collecting stamps in CPR mini games such as Aqua Grabber or Smoothie smash, why not share your skills and help others get stamps with easy guides!
  • Interviews with Guardians – Get to know the heart of the army by interviewing members! Be creative with engaging questions and who knows, maybe it’ll become a series!
  • Secret Item Guides – Have you ever found hidden items on your own before? Share it with others as you can make an easy guide containing pictures to help them get these items too!

As you can see there are many innovative ideas when it comes to being a writer. you can also bring some of your own ideas to the table. If you have any examples of what you’ve written before make sure to DM a leader with your work, if you’d like to apply click the link and fill out the application form!


If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask a staff member, we’re only a DM away!
You can message tsanami#2222 on Discord with any relevant samples of your work.

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