Battles are an important way of armies. Battles are between armies that each other on a CPPS by using tactics. Tactics and formations play a large role in battles because they increase the army’s chances of winning. Here’s all you need to know about battles.

Types of Battles

Tournaments: Tournaments are held by the CP community to challenge the strength of armies. Armies battle each other and the army with better sizes, speed of tactics, and formations will advance to the next round.

Invasions: Invasions are hosted by armies to get “land”, land simply means specific servers on CPPSes. Armies can invade land that is unclaimed or land belonging to other armies by battling. If an army wants to invade our land we’d have to defend.

Defenses: Defenses are held by armies who want to protect their land that’s being invaded by another army. The armies will battle each other and whoever wins will own the land.

Practice Battles: If armies want to prepare themselves for a real battle, they’d host practice battles against other armies (typically allies). They’re not as serious as other battles, but are still considered important for seeing the potential of an army.

How Battles Work

Battles last 30 minutes and and usually happen in 3 rooms maximum.
Each room takes about 10 minutes.
A room will be announced at the start of the battle, 10 minutes in and 20 minutes in during the battle.
After 30 minutes are over a judge will typically announce which army won each room and then announce the winner.

>>> How to Battle <<<

Log on EarlyLog onto the specified server and room early so our maxes will be stable. Judges will not wait for more army members to log on, the battle will start at the planned time (typically at :00).

Follow Formations and Tactics – Repeat the CORRECT formations and tactics as the tactic leader announces them.

Be FAST with Formations and TacticsGet in formations QUICKLY and do tactics on time. Don’t do tactics too early or too late. Do tactics ON 3. If the host says to do the tactics NOW, do them.

Change Rooms on Time – The host will tell you to OPEN MAPS after 9 minutes, with a tactic ready for the next room. Be ready with your maps open and know the tactic to go into the next room successfully. The same thing will happen for the next room.

Spread Out in Formations – Being too close during formations is called bunching will make our army look messy and decreases our chances of winning. So make sure to DO FORMATIONS CORRECTLY.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts include emoticons, default phrases, and actions that armies commonly use in battles for tactics and such. There are explanations for each shortcut below and a graphic displaying the keys you press to get emotes and default phrases.
Emoticons: Emoticons (Emotes) are faces and symbols that can be used to show emotions on Club Penguin. In armies they are one of the many things we use for tactics.
Default Phrases: Default phrases typically used in battle are one word each and can be accessed by pressing each phrase’s respective letter key on your keyboards.
Actions: Actions are not as commonly used as other tactics and formations, but typical actions include the Dance (D) and the Wave (W).

HOW TO BATTLE | Club Penguin Online: Light Troops

If you have any questions about battles, don’t hesitate to direct message a member of Crimson Guardians HICOM to clear up your confusion.

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