Pumpkin’s GOTM Interview

Hello Guardians! Today we have an interview with Pumpkin, our new Guardian of the Month!

Neo: So, firstly, How did it feel to be announced the GotM?

Pumpkin: It was nice, its not the nobel peace prize but im glad that i was quite glad i got it overall.

Neo: So what colour did you choose for your GOTM role, and did it have any specific reasoning?

Pumpkin: I picked orange mostly because it goes with my pumpkin theme i suppose.

Neo: That makes perfect sense. so aside from GotM we’d like to know about yourself too! Do you have any hobbies you enjoy a lot, aside from Discord?

Pumpkin: Well I do alot of programming when i have the chance, ive been trades to be an electrician and its and its quite a exciting career to get into.

Neo: That’s really cool! I’d sure love to be a good programmer. Anyways, Thanks a lot for this interview! Is there anything you’d like to say to all the people reading this?

Pumpkin: Crimson Guardians FTW

Neo: Crimson Guardians FTW indeed! Thanks a lot again!

This interview has not been edited in any way, other than grammatical corrections.



Pyro Colonel

[AUSIA] Simon Says Event

Howdy Guardians! Today we logged onto Ascent in CPR and had a Simon Says event on the iceberg! This event was hosted by our Pyro Major Wxnderweg who recently returned to his staff status after a long break! We maxed 4 guardians here, which was relatively low, but hopefully we will be able to strengthen our Ausia division in the future! ❤

This event didn’t do so well for our AUSIA branch, but we’re working on building back up! Would you like to see more Ausia timed events? Comment below!


Pyro Colonel

[US] Play Event

Yesterday we logged on to the Stage in Tobbogan on CPR for a fun play event hosted by Flame General Landless, where we played different marine characters, such as lobsters, fishes, and mermaids! We maxed 7 guardians and started off the event with the tactic “CG UNDERWATER ADVENTURE!” before proceeding with the Underwater Adventure play.

We maxed 7 guardians in this event, and although it wasn’t a huge number we still had a lot of fun!


Burnt Colonel

[EU/AUS] Musical Tactics Practice

Earlier yesterday, Our newest Flame General, Landless hosted a musical themed EU/AUSIA tactics practice event! We maxed 6 guardians in this event, which although lacking in size was filled with energy and our love for music! This event was held on CPATG, Thermal.

The first room was the iceberg. We started off with musical tactics such as “DON’T GET IN TREBLE!” and “SHARPEST NOTES ON THE STAFF” and emote tactics of angry, heart and wink emotes.

The next room was the Stadium, where we started with a formation of two parallel lines, and a sad emote tactic, followed by tactics “YOU’RE MORE OF A CHICKEN THAN BACH” and “YOUR RANK IS LOWER THAN A BASSLINE”, a smile emote tactic, and then a bomb of sun and moon emotes. We then did some more tactics such as “WE’RE BARI SAXY”, “SLAP DA BASS” and popcorn emotes.

The final room was Ski Village, where we started with a bomb of cake emotes, and a diagonal \ shaped formation, followed by some more musical tactics such as “DON’T CHIP A REED” and “YOUR EGO IS BIGGER THAN TRUMPET’S”, money and pizza emotes, and ending the event with the tactic “C YA LATER!”

Overall, The event had a relatively small size, but We certainly enjoyed those musical puns and bombs, which goes to show that EU and AUSIA divisions still have potential and hope for greatness. We surely look forward to more and bigger events, and puns! Do YOU have any music puns to share? If so, share them with us in the comments!


Burnt Major