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Pride Art Contest

Happy Pride to all of our Guardians! We’re glad to have such a wonderful and accepting community in Crimson Guardians. To celebrate pride month, we’ll be having a Pride Art Contest.

To participate in the contest, simply submit your pride themed art into the #art-gfx channel on our discord! Art can be traditional, digital, poems, music, collage, etc. The only requirements are that they’re pride themed and made by the person submitting it!

Feel free to get as creative as you’d like! We’re excited to see what you submit.

1st Place: 5 credits + Custom Role for 2 weeks
2nd Place: Custom role for 1 week
3rd Place: Custom emote uploaded

Submissions to the contest will be closed by 12pm PDT | 3pm EDT | 8pm UK | 12:30am IST on Sunday, June 28. Make sure you submit on time for a chance at the prizes!

Good luck Guardians! Show your pride!

[EU] Challengers Cup: CG vs PIC

In the Challenger’s Cup semi-finals, the Crimson Guardians put up their best fight yet against the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation. This battle was hosted by our Burnt Colonel, Landless, with a 13+ max. Although we unfortunately didn’t take home the victory, we still made sure to give PIC a challenge.

We started strong in the first room, beginning with a horizontal formation against their V formation. PIC used several bombs, but we made sure to keep our cool and keep up tactics. When it came time to switch formations, we took the chance to invert their former position. We tied in this room.

We began the second room by J bombing, then settled into a V formation. The next few tactics were done and held well. We proceeded by forming a = formation. Although this room was just as tough as the last, we kept our heads up and did our best. This room was also a tie.

In the third room, we began by bombing E6, then settled into an X formation. We did a few more tactics then performed an EO (popcorn) waterfall. Our next formation was to surround the Stadium. We then did an E8+E9 bomb to the middle of the room. We ended strong with a J bomb and a GG to our competitors. PIC won this room.

Although we didn’t win this battle, Crimson Guardians did an amazing job getting this far and put a lot of effort into each and every part. This Cup was a learning experience for our army. We can expect to see some improvement come from what we’ve learnt during this time.

We’re proud and honored to have made it this far. Let’s do even better next time! Do you have any thoughts on the Challengers Cup or CG vs PIC? Let us know in the comments!


Blaze Major

[EU] Eurovision Trivia

Crimson Guardians has had its first trial led event in CPR, starting strong with a Eurovision themed trivia event. Led by trial Renmei, and with a max of 9 Guardians, it had an amazing start.

Although very few of the participants knew much about Eurovision, all of the Guardians competing tried their hardest to get the most correct answers and win for their team!

Guardians split into two teams, with “Boys” on the left and “Girls” on the right. After many rounds of intense Eurovision trivia, the “Boys” team came out victorious.

As the tactic itself says, we are on fire with all the successful events we’ve been having! Keep your eyes open for our next events, and remember to support our trials while they learn the ropes of hosting.

Stink :^)

[EU] Ruby and the Ruby Event

Following our tactics practice the previous day, we hosted an event involving the current play in CP R’s theater. Led by Landless, the Ruby and the Ruby Event maxed a total of 8 Guardians.

Once roles were assigned, actors took the stage while the director and audience watched as the mystery unfolded.

Cast list:
sloppy_n00dles as Detective Jacques Hammer
Renmei as Ruby
Bassboy as Tenor
Joha as Dom

In conclusion, it was an entertaining event to put on and attend. We hope to keep having fun and creative events like this one was. Let’s keep up the good work everyone!

Stink :^)