[EU] Practice Battle vs. Templars

Today Crimson Guardians had a little chaos but we still managed to log into NewCP. We maxed 11 guardians, but sadly we lost the practice battle! Thank you for everyone who came! Flameily ftw

Even the chaos we had in Crimson Guardians couldn’t stop our fun with this Practice Battle! I hope we will never have this chaos again. Would you guys like to see more practice battles? Comment below!


Fire Ensign

Interview with the GoTM #01

Heyo Guardians This time it isn’t a Guide from me 😀 This time it is an Interview with the recent Guardian of The Month Bravo!

Everything in the interview has not been edited in any way except for grammatical errors.

– Tanjo – : So, lets start the interview by the question: How do you feel being the GoTM?
Bravo : I feel grateful and thankful for being chosen as GoTM
– Tanjo – : Nice! Is this your first GoTM?
Bravo : Yes, First time GoTM
– Tanjo – : Ayee, do you already have a command? If not do you have any idea what it could be?
Bravo : I don’t have a command as of right now, and I haven’t decided what it should be yet
– Tanjo – : I see I see, do you have any hobbies you like to do outside of CG?
Bravo : Yes, gaming and travelling through the space time continuum
– Tanjo – : Nice you really have cool hobbies I also like to do gaming! Could you say how did you get GoTM?
Bravo : By trying to be active in the server and chats and I’m grateful to the HICOM for picking me for that
– Tanjo – : I see, would you like to say anything to the community before we end the interview?
Bravo : Sure, just try your best!


So this was the interview with Bravo I hope you all know the GoTM now a bit better, make sure you congratulate him to GoTM! Check out our Twitter if you want to see the twitter post for the GoTM!

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August Clothing Catalog Guide [CPR]

Here is a guide to help you find secret items easier in the clothing catalog. You can find the Penguin Style catalog in the Gift Shop by the town!

This catalog has many secrets! The first page consists of 3 secrets!

1st click on the purple mermaid’s hair.
2nd click on the bubble.
3rd click on the yellow mermaid’s left hand.

The second page also has 3 secrets:

1st click on the top of the 1st light blue mountain.
2nd click on the top of the 2nd light blue mountain.
3rd click on the top of the 3rd light blue mountain.

The third page has 5 secret. This page has the most secrets of all pages!

1st click on the pink penguin’s left foot.
2nd click on the tree rings.
3rd click on the stick in the campfire.
4th click on the top of the flame.
5th click on the earring.

These were all secrets in the new catalog.The item of the month is the Yee-haw Hat!

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NewCP Uniform Guide

Crimson Guardians NewCP Uniform:

Please remember that you need the uniform for events and recruitments on NewCP.

You can find the Black Penguin color in the Penguin Style catalog.
Which is in the Gift Shop.

The body item is in the Martial Artworks catalog and is a secret item.
You can find the Martial Artworks catalog in the Dojo.

The neck item is in the Costume Trunk catalog.
You can find the Costume Trunk catalog in the Mall.

The full uniform should look like this!

Introducing our new Writer: Tanjo

Hello Guardians, it’s your new writer: Tanjo!
First of all, I want to thank everyone who congratulated me for getting Writer.

Now I wanted to present my ideas for my future articles! I hope you all will like it!

1st I wanted to interview the Recruiter of the Week and the Guardian of the Month and ask them how hard they worked to get the role!

2nd I wanted to make weekly articles riddles, trivia posts etc.

3rd I wanted to give tips for bots, how you can take Event Pictures, etc.!

These were my ideas for now, I am sure I will get more ideas in the future!
If you have any ideas, feel free to DM me or comment them below!


CG Writer